Products – Family Tree Validator

Every individual in our family is made up of a multitude of events, spread across many records.

Have you ever spent time trying to find that needle that everyone else has missed?
The Family Tree Validator is a tool designed to double-check the information contained on an individual in FamilySearch.  It does this by checking all of the information entered, from birth and death dates, children’s birth dates, marriage dates and locations (to name a few).  It then checks that everything makes sense.  Did they die before they were born, how old were they when they got married, how many spouses did they have (and do the dates overlap), are there duplicate children… and the list goes on and on.

If enabled, it can also check for date and location normalization differences (and offer to correct them). To take things further, it can also analyze each of the source records attached to that person and make sure that the data was fully incorporated into the FamilySearch information.  It will suggest better birth and death dates, alternate names that the person used throughout their life, and identify problems if there are inconsistencies.  All of this may also help FamilySearch offer more/better research hints to help expand your family tree.

Interested? Go to Getting Started for step by step installation instructions

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